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Coming this Friday in NROriginals

It’s April, 1961, and the Bay of Pigs has just been fiascoed. An NR editorial (“Cuba, RIP”) considers what happened. In his must-read Third World War column, James Burnham asks “What Lesson, What Profit?” Sticking to earth, and foreign aid, Henry Hazlitt presses the case for an end to America’s “obsessive world almsgiving.” But then as the NR pages turn, one finds Gary Wills reviewing an old classic—the Bible, newly revised. These are the treats that await you from the May 6, 1961 issue, now fully reproduced in this week’s edition of NROrignials—a free and weekly delight, as is The Goldberg File. Free and daily treats are Morning Jolt and NRO Digest. Don’t let another day pass without your being subscribed to these wonders. Sign up here.


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