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Last week, as we were going back-and-forth over who does and doesn’t count as a POW under the Geneva Convention, I quoted John Yoo, the legal scholar, now teaching at Berkeley, who, as a member of the Justice Department for the first couple of years of this administration, developed the Bush policy in these matters. Several readers instantly wrote to me to point out that there are, after all, interpretations of the Geneva Convention other than those of Mr. Yoo.

Appearing on Uncommon Knowledge this coming weekend? John Yoo, who does a very good job of representing his own views, and Erwin Chemerinsky, the law professor law at UCLA, who does a very good job of attacking them. The subject of our discussion is the Supreme Court case on the administration’s treatment of detainees at Gitmo, but the right and wrong ways of interpreting the Geneva Convention get an intelligent–and thorough–airing.

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