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Coming tomorrow on NROriginals

We are back in the saddle with an entire new crop of NROriginals that will take us through the next few months. The new edition is out tomorrow, and it features three wonderful pieces from the February 1, 1974 issue of National Review: Joe Sobran’s brilliant cover essay on Playboy (“The Sage and Serious Doctrine of Hugh Hefner”—described by Joe as “the most pretentious meatpacker in all Chicago”), John Lofton’s account (“One Big Happy Family”) of grilling Ruskies about freedom and other inconvenient matters at what was supposed to be a US/USSR feel-good conference between political types, and an Erik von Kuehnelt-Leddihn “From the Continent” column on Western European nations cozying up to the PRC.

To read NROriginals (which brings you a selection of article from an NR issue originally published in the Good Old 50s, 60s, and 70s) you must subscribe. It’s free, and simply done at There you can also sign up (again, it’s free!) for Jonah Goldberg’s weekly ruminating treat, The Goldberg File, Jim Geraghty’s weekday must-read take on politics, Morning Jolt, and our own daily website briefing, NRO Digest. Sign up now so you don’t miss another one of these informative and entertaining newsletters.

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