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The Coming Trump-Madoff Comparisons

In Thursday’s debate, Megyn Kelly mentioned last week’s Court of Appeals decision permitting a lawsuit Trump University. But one section in a previous decision by judges in another suit against Trump University will make particularly powerful fodder for attack ads against Trump – either by a primary rival or by Hillary Clinton in the summer and fall:

Anytime a judge implicitly compares you to Bernie Madoff, the most notorious fraud in recent American history, it’s bad news. And if you don’t think “a federal judge compared Trump University to Bernie Madoff’s scam” commercials would come in a general election, you’re whistling past the graveyard.

This CBS News report from this morning offers additional video fodder, such as Trump declaring in promotional materials, “These are all people hand-picked by me… I didn’t want to put my name on anything having to do with education unless it was going to be the best” — and then declaring under oath that he didn’t know the instructors and “I wasn’t running it.”


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