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Commit to Actually Helping Pregnant Women in Texas and Beyond

A patient from Texas holds a sonogram that she received in Shreveport, La., February 13, 2020. (Lila Engelbrecht/Reuters)

It was ghoulish to read about Texas abortion clinics working through 11:59 last night to get as many babies aborted before the new heartbeat bill went into law. That’s what abortion is — the killing of an unborn baby. We can all agree that we want to help women. We don’t help women when we lie about what abortion is. I watch day after day as women get ushered in the doors of abortion clinics — information about alternatives is treated as a danger. Lying about abortion being health care is a poison in our nation.

Meanwhile, women will still get pregnant when they weren’t planning to. Who will help them have their babies? Here are a few options below. We should all be finding ways to support them in Texas and our own backyards.

Houston Coalition for Life — multiple locations, including a bus outside of the Houston Planned Parenthood. (That PP has been frequently referred to as a “mega-center.”)

Birth Choice in Dallas

Human Coalition

Houston Pregnancy Help Centers — multiple locations

Update: A few more places worthy of support in the Lone Star State:

Thrive — multiple locations, in Dallas and Irving

Fort Worth Pregnancy Center

Viola’s House — a maternity home for homeless teens



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