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Common Decency & The Big Picture On Nov. 2

This, from a self-described “gay Republican”: “I watched the 3rd debate Wednesday night and when Kerry brought up Mary Cheney I was mad as hell! Being gay I am not ashamed of who or what I am and if people ask I tell them the truth. What I resent is people running around telling other people my business let alone 50 million people. Mrs. Cheney was right to say that Kerry is not a good man because anyone who would stoop down to the level of high school gossip does not deserve to represent me or any Americans.”

He also writes, commenting on Andrew Sullivan’s take on the election, “I may disagree with some of the President’s positions on certain issues but my firm belief in this country and it’s security trump all of my personal issues that will never be resolved if the terrorist blow us to hell and back.”

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