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Competing Visions In “Palestine”

There is the U.S. dream, shared by delirious diplomats of both parties: “Two states living side-by-side in peace.” As Condi Rice told Cal Thomas “[Y]ou can look at any opinion poll in the Palestinian territories and 70 percent of the people will say they’re perfectly ready to live side by side with Israel because they just want to live in peace.”

Then there is reality. In point of fact, well over 70 percent of Palestinians deny Israel’s right to exist — and the figure jumps to 93 percent if we count only young adults of the optimum fighting age. John Hinderaker now provides another snapshot of reality at Powerline: video of young Palestinian school children being taught to prepare for a (short) life of murder and violent death.

Watch as they sing, “In the way of Allah we proceed, aspiring to raise the flag [of Islam]. May the glory of the religion return, and may our blood be shed.” I guess that’s what Obama terrorism guru John Brennan means when he says ”jihad” is merely a “holy struggle … to purify oneself or one’s community.” John Hinderaker is closer to the truth when he says of the Palestinians, “This is, by a wide margin, the sickest culture on Earth.”


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