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Condi Goes to War

Condi gave a speech at the U.N. yesterday on the incredible barbarism imposed on Zimbabwe by its lunatic dictator, Robert Mugabe.   I suppose by the standards of current American diplomacy,  the secretary of state was pretty tough:

“We have reached the point where broader, stronger international action is needed,” said Miss Rice at a meeting of U.N. Security Council nations and countries on Southern African Development Commission.

She said the council demands that political violence end immediately, and that Mr. Mugabe’s government accept international election monitors.

“By its actions, the Mugabe regime has given up any pretense that the June 27 elections will be allowed to proceed in a free and fair manner,” she said, noting that opposition supporters have been killed and thousands injured in recent weeks.

This is Darfur all over again. And Iran all over again.  And Syria all over again.  Stern language, with the threat of even sterner language if the recipient doesn’t behave better.

It’s an embarrassment.  Once upon a time, we had leaders who supported freedom and did everything possible to bring down tyrants.  But not today.  Today we give feel-good speeches full of politically correct slogans, wrapped in the mantle of multiculturalism and multilateralism.  Even her words are feeble.  Mugabe is committing mass murder, and has proclaimed that he won’t accept the results of the election if it goes against him.  So her call for “free and fair” elections is beside the point.  It’s just like the bad old days when the League of Nations fought fascism…while innocents are slaughtered.   

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