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Confidence in Obama Plunges to 37 Percent

Approximately two out of three people don’t have faith in the president to make the right decision as he heads in to his State of the Union on Tuesday, a new poll finds. The Washington Post-ABC News survey shows confidence in the president has fallen drastically since he was inaugurated almost a year ago.

Thirty-seven percent of people have a good or great deal of confidence that President Obama will make the right decision for the country, while 63 percent feel he will not. This is an exact reversal of public sentiment since last year when those numbers were flipped.

The president’s approval numbers are also underwater, with 46 percent approving and 50 percent disapproving. Last year, his approval rating was nine percentage points higher. When asked if they thought the president was a “strong leader,” 48 percent of respondents said he is, while 51 percent felt he isn’t.


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