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Conform or Be Cast Out

In a decision disappointing thousands of deserving Arizona children and their families, plus millions of school-choice supporters around the country, the state’s Supreme Court has struck down two state-funded scholarship programs helping special-needs students attend schools of their choice. The Arizona court ruled that the program violated the state constitution’s prohibition against appropriations to aid churches and sectarian schools.

Our friends at the Institute for Justice have more details. In short, the Court ignored both precedent and the facts of the case in its ruling. After all, public school districts themselves have for years been transferring special-needs kids into private institutions best suited to their needs, along with the tax dollars needed to finance their schooling. The scholarship programs in question simply allowed families rather than districts to make such decisions.

The affected kids will be allowed to complete the school year but then the programs go away. Add them to the list of victims of teacher unions, ideological cranks, craven politicians, and the failed monopoly they defend at all costs.


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