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Congrats to Barack Obama

Even if we’re going to hear it over and over, it’s true–this is a historic moment. That an African-American has a better than even chance to be the next president of the United States is an amazing thing–and heartening about this country’s capacity for progress. Also, on a more mundane level, Obama out-campaigned, out-fundraised, out-strategized, out-classed, and–yes–out-spun the Clintons. What a campaign. He and his team should be very proud.

 I doubted he could pull it off. But two prescient pieces of punditry stuck with me throughout this process, both on Meet the Press. Mike Murphy said long ago that if Hillary lost, it would be because she ran up against a guy with exactly the right message for this particular moment in time, and there’d be nothing she could do about it. The other was Tim Russert himself saying if Obama won Iowa, watch out, because he’s a thoroughbred and would be off to the races (as it turned out, he wasn’t really off to the races until February). Obama has been wheezing at the end here, but he’s going to get a high-octane infusion of glowing press coverage that will probably bump him up into a nice lead over McCain.

UPDATE: And there was Pete Wehner too!


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