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Congratulations David Frum

Well, well, well, David has arrived! From nowhere to Newsweek in a nanosecond, and now, the pièce de résistance: swapping yarns with Chris Matthews about Rush Limbaugh’s “race problem.” (Kerry Picket has the blow-by-blow, here.)

Asked by the always fair and balanced host whether Rush has a race problem, Frum responded: 

Sometimes, he talks that way.  I don’t know whether it’s conscious art, but I went through how many times between inauguration day to the present that he’s made a comment about President Obama being invulnerable to criticism because of his race.  I found five instances … one a week.  That’s sort of a lot.

This is really shameful. But at least we’re starting to get the formula down: If you don’t talk about race, you’re a coward; if you talk about it a little, you’re a racist; if you talk about it incessantly over the course of a career, you could become Attorney General, President, or even get your own MSNBC gab-fest; and if you talk about Rush Limbaugh talking about race, you’re a media darling.

Anyone who actually listens to Rush’s show knows he’s the anti-racist. He wants a color-blind society where everyone is on the level playing-field of merit and your dignity is a function of your humanity, not your race. Martin Luther King spoke of being judged by the content of our character rather than the color of our skin. How appalling that, 40 years later, a guy who heeds that message is deemed by the media and the rest of the Left to have a “race problem.”

But in those circles, Frum now has no problem. The ring-master cracked his whip, the sea lion flopped around with the race-ball on his nose, and everyone oohed and ahhed. Then Matthews decreed, “Well, you know what I said when I came out here, David. You have changed your life with this article. You will be the man that shot Liberty Valance. You will be the guy that took on Rush Limbaugh.” Congratulations. He must be very proud.


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