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Congratulations, Senator Obama

I concur with Rich. For a freshman senator to have achieved what Obama has is amazing. His campaign was first-rate and it, and he, made very few errors. Obama defeated a field that was vastly more experience and had many more advantages than he did. And while I have deep philosophical differences with Obama and find him a much more conventional politician than I did earlier in the year, it was very important that Team Clinton be defeated – for the sake of the Democratic party and for American politics. Whatever differences I have with Obama, he (blessedly) doesn’t practice politics like the Clintons, who made destroying those who stood between them and power a commonplace occurrence.

Barack Obama is, in my judgment, a compelling figure as well as a flawed one. And I suspect that he, more than McCain, will be the dominant figure in the election.

One other thing: it is an important and proud moment for this nation, whose besetting sin was slavery and segregation, to nominate an African American as the nominee of one of our two major political parties. Because I disagree with him on so many issues and on the philosophy that animates his politics, I very much hope Obama loses to McCain. But what Obama has achieved in this election, and with this night, is remarkable. He is a formidable figure — and he won’t be an easy person to defeat in November.


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