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Congress on Immigration

Stanley:  The outcome I dread is (a) this admin. thinking they can get away unpunished with doing what they’ve been doing (i.e. squat, diddly, zip, zilch, nada) on illegal immigration, and (b) a Dem administration 2008-12 doing even less, if less is possible.  I repeat; this is much more an Executive issue than a Congressional one.

Suppose, for example, a chastened post-’06-defeat administration decided to apply the attrition strategy on illegals, cracking down hard on employers.  You think a Dem Congress will object to this?  To a crack-down on EMPLOYERS who are EXPLOITING workers from a designated MINORITY? 

I’ll allow that the two-by-four strategy is not guaranteed to bang some sense into George W. Bush’s head.  It might, though.  And I say again, this is mainly up to him this next two years.  Congress can pass all the laws it likes, but without will in the executive–as we can see with the laws we currently have!–nothing much will happen.  



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