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Congressional Candidate Announces for New Hampshire’s ‘Fightin’ Double Zero’ reports that the Phantom District Stimulus controversy has sparked a major political response in the Granite State. Sounds like the beginning of a national trend. Take it away, Mr. Grant Bosse:

Today, Grant Bosse announced his candidacy for Congress in New Hampshire phantom 00 Congressional District.  Here are his remarks as prepared for delivery:

Earlier this week, we reported that, the federal government’s $84 million website set up to monitor the $787 billion stimulus package, was so riddled with errors that it showed that New Hampshire had four new Congressional Districts.

One of the districts, the Double-Zero…The Fightin’ Double-Zero…actually had 2,800 jobs credited to it under the stimulus.

And despite this massive job creation in the Double-Zero, despite the tremendous amount of tax dollars going to this previously unknown district, the people of the Double-Zero are without a voice in Congress. Well, that’s unacceptable.

Today, I am announcing the start of my campaign for Congress in New Hampshire Double-Zero District!

The Double-Zero is a magical land. A mythical land. And place that only exists in the buggy databases of DC bureaucrats. In fact, just a few days after finding out that the Double-Zero had created all those stimulus jobs, the bureaucrats at took them away.

Well, I’m outraged. If we can’t trust the job numbers from a website designed to make Congressional spending look good, what can we trust?