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Congressional Democrats Start Publicly Doubting Obama’s ISIS Strategy

Let’s give credit where it is due; this president is a uniter, not a divider. Why, just look at Capitol Hill…

Here’s Rep. Adam Schiff, Democrat of California, last night:

“[The White House] does have a strategy to try to squeeze ISIS territorially, to squeeze its finances, to go after it’s a social media campaign. But I am concerned, Chris, that the timetable is too long, that Isis will be allowed to maintain its space in Iraq and Syria from which it can plan and plot and resource attacks against a Europe and the United States. So I think we need to do something to change the dynamic on the ground.. One of things I would like to see the administration re-examined and that is the possibility of establishing a buffer zone or safe zone to test the Turks who have been advocating this whether they’re willing to put Turkish troops within that zone across the Syrian border to protect the zone if we protect it from the air that kind of a partnership with turkey in the Gulf countries may be enough to start to change the dynamic on the ground but something has to shrink Isis space more quickly than we’ve been able to do or where a significant risk of attacks like the ones we saw in Paris.”

So President Obama is indeed uniting Republicans and Democrats… in agreement that the administration’s current approach to ISIS isn’t working and is insufficient.


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