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Congressional Republicans Sound Off on Trump’s Election-Delay Tweet

President Trump’s tweet floating the postponement of the November general election — something that has never happened and something only Congress has the constitutional authority to do — prompted a backlash from a congressional GOP caucus that’s usually reluctant to criticize him.

Texas congressman Will Hurd: “We are not an authoritarian government.”

Nebraska senator Ben Sasse: “The President should not sow distrust, and state governments should safeguard the ballot box whether the votes are cast this fall by mail or in person.”

Iowa senator Chuck Grassley: “All these things are pretty well set and have been going on for decades. And so we’re a country based on the rule of law so nobody’s going to change anything until we change the law.”

Missouri senator Roy Blunt: “The United States held elections during the Civil War, the 1918 pandemic, and World War II. There is no justification for changing the date of the upcoming November elections.”

More comments from Senate Republicans in this thread: 


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