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Judge Amy Coney Barrett listens during her confirmation hearing on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., October 14, 2020. (Susan Walsh/Reuters)

Nearing the midpoint of our week-long ACB Fight webathon — which hopes to raise $150,000 to support NR’s critical needs, and to keep us fortified and supplied in the permanent hand-to-hand fight with the Left — we take note of one donor, of some 400 so far. His name is Ryan, who kindly spotted us $50, and broke it down in this way: “Forty of this $50 is just for McLaughlin’s ‘History Is on the Side . . . ’ article and its apparent role in keeping Republican senators from going wobbly.” (For the record, here is Dan’s consequential NR article.)

Were that there would be another thousand readers who would replicate Ryan’s generosity — and maybe there would be if they understood what he does: that NR donors are part and parcel of that success in wobbly preventage. The dots connect: We are able to publish things that game-change (as Dan’s piece certainly did) only because we have numerous kind supporters, who offer contributions that range from $5 to $5,000.

It’s as simple as this: No supporters, no NR. Indeed, Bill Buckley told one and all here long ago that he contended he owned the magazine on behalf of the donors (not a sugar daddy in the lot, by the way), for that very reason.

We very much need your support, now. Others have joined Ryan in response to this brief appeal, and some of them have left meaningful comments as to why they have engaged in the selfless act of contributing to National Review. Some examples:

  • Joseph sends along a much-needed $500 along with a tongue-in-cheek sentiment: “Take my $500 and blow it all on hats. Ok kidding. But put it to work educating those who will listen on the classical-liberal ideas championed here for so long.” Our hats are off to you, Joe. Many thanks.
  • Dhru, who seems to always be there for NR, and bigly, forks over a GRAND, attached to a personal history lesson: “NR has been a crucial part of my life, reading my father’s subscription when young and now as an elder, is a reminder of what he instilled in me and passed on to our next generation. A soft place in my heart, you reside. Best wishes.” With friends like you Dhru . . . can’t thank you enough.
  • And then there is Tom, who also donates $1,000, and it all started with a great lady: “My aunt introduced me to NR in fall 1982 when I was a graduate student at (gulp) Harvard. I have been a huge fan and supporter ever since. I cannot begin to describe how much I enjoy the magazine, NRPLUS, the podcasts, and special events. Keep up the great work.” We can because of such generosity. Thanks, Tom.
  • Another Tom hands over a Fifty, and this: “NR is a bastion of sanity. I love it for the quality of the writing, the character of the authors (even those who are characters themselves), and its perseverance in the fight against utopianism on all sides. Thanks for all you do! As a subscriber (go NRPLUS!) — I still wish I could give more, go on the cruises (blast you COVID), and attend the galas. But as a lowly west coaster, the distances and the dollars are just too much to wrangle for me. Keep up the fight!” Tom, we’ll come visit you some day. Many thanks.
  • Victor spots us a sawbuck and some kudos: “I donated to National Review because they are a rare commodity in the United States in these turbulent times. An intelligent, concise, reasonable, conservative viewpoint that never backs down from an open discussion of the issues that affect us all as Americans. All are welcome to read and judge for themselves, as is the American way. There is no agenda, only clarity of purpose. To reveal the unvarnished truth as it is and not how the politicians would have us believe it to be. Bring your intellect and see for yourselves.” Deeply appreciative of the kind words, Victor.

Not everyone can send oodles of boodle. That’s fine because that’s reality — and regardless, we have no moral claim on your generosity, whatever it may be. But be assured: Whatever it indeed may be is deeply appreciated. So . . . can you do what Victor has done and spot us $10? Can you replicate Ryan’s $50? Are your pockets large and deep, filled with a fat billfold — maybe you can match Dhru and Tom? As we used to say back in the neighborhood, pretty please with sugar on top? (Although there were some corners where, if you said that, you’d get a smack and a noogie.)

I’ll stand by what I wrote at the outset of this effort: NR can only do what it does — on behalf of you and our mutual beliefs, so under duress and assault — with your financial support. We are seeking $150,000, which is a lot, but a little compared to our true needs. As they say, every little bit helps, and so does every big bit. Go ahead, connect the dots, and then please, donate to our webathon. If you wish to contribute by mail, please make your check payable to “National Review” and mail it to: National Review, ATTN: ACB Webathon, 19 West 44th Street, Suite 1701, New York, N.Y., 10036. Many thanks.


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