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Connecticut’s Governor: NR a ‘Right-Wing Tea-Bag Organization’

Last night at the Connecticut gubernatorial debate between Governor Dannel Malloy and Republican challenger Tom Foley, the always classy incumbent, fighting for his political life and irked by the Foley campaign’s brandishing of Matt Purple’s “America’s Worst Governor” NRO article, dismissed NR as a “right-wing tea-bag organization.”

Nice. And of no surprise. If the people of Connecticut want to know why their state consistently ranks 50th, or thereabouts, in various economic, fiscal, taxpayer-burden, and job-growth and -creation studies, or in surveys of folks who express a deep desire to pull up their roots and vamoose out of Dodge (or Hartford and New Haven in this case) for sunnier climes where there are jobs to be had and less taxes to pay (Nutmeggers are the last to celebrate Tax Freedom Day, this year on May 9!), it can be found in this smug professional politician whose priority is wetting the beaks of liberal special interests at the expense of middle-class residents, small businesses, and the state’s on-the-ropes economy.

Two tea notes. The first is that our founder uttered the phrase that is at the core of Tea Party sentiment: “I’d rather be governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston telephone directory than by the faculty of Harvard.” Or, he would surely add in this case, than by Dan Malloy and the Democrat Cosa Nostra who run the state house in Hartford.

The second, about tea bags, a favorite leftist hardy-har-har term for disparaging the Tea Party: Of the few companies left in Connecticut, one that’s cheery and successful is Bigelow Tea. Congratulations Governor Malloy: At a public event, one in which citizens expect a modicum of class from its participants, you denigrate one of the state’s heralded products, associating it with . . . a scrotum. Take a bow. Way to go with the economic development boostering!

But let’s close on a positive note and commend the governor for an incredible achievement: He actually makes Lowell Weicker look good.​


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