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Conservative ‘Corrupt Hairballs’ Welcome Catholics

How badly has the Obama contraception mandate rattled many Catholics? So badly that Catholic blogger Mark Shea, who couldn’t bring himself to vote for either party in the last election, is considering voting GOP this year.

I haven’t made up my mind (because I’m not sold that supporting pols who advocate grave evil is something I can justify. We are, after all, talking about a field of candidates–Ron Paul doesn’t count since he will never be nominated–who aspire to be war criminals). But the launch of Obama’s war on the Church seems to me to be a potential game-changer here. He is, after all, also a bellicose warmonger eager to expand our wars of Empire, but he has also taken his war for an American hedonist crony capitalist police state empire, not merely to the Islamosphere, but to the doors of every Catholic Church in America. . . .

So yeah: I am thinking about voting for whatever hairball the GOP barfs up, if only to keep Obama from enacting his full agenda of malice against what is, after all, the real central story here: the Church which is the saving sacrament of my people.

Should Shea follow through on that, this conservative will be happy to have him aboard. With the right to follow the teachings of one’s church and conscience under assault, every vote, however reluctant, is going to be crucial.

— Gina Dalfonzo is editor of and Dickensblog and author of Bring Her Down’: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin.


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