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The Conservative Infrastructure

From a friend re my USAT piece:

Your sentence: “Today, there is an enormous conservative intellectual infrastructure, largely independent of the Republican Party.”

Absolutely right. Just list off the major conservative magazines in America – NR, The Weekly Standard, Claremont, Commentary, First Things, The New Criterion, the American Spectator, and maybe one or two more depending on one’s interests.

A quick comparison with Britain bears this out. With the exception of Daniel Johnson’s new magazine Standpoint – which started a few days ago – there’s virtually nothing. The Salisbury Review is barely in circulation, and The Spectator isn’t conservative in any meaningful sense. And that’s it.

Now compare that with liberal magazines in the U.S. There’s The New Republic and the New York Review of Books. The former doesn’t know what it is anymore; the latter is notoriously detached from reality and utterly graceless. And there’s The Nation, which reads like some bizarre newsletter put out by a nudist colony.

Maybe, having commitments of my own, I’m not the best judge. But of this I’m positive: Conservatism is *not* out of ideas. The GOP might be, but not conservatism.


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