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Conservative Leaders to Governors: Say No to Obamacare

In a recent letter, 25 conservative leaders, including Brent Bozell, Quin Hillyer, Phyllis Schlafly, Gary L. Bauer, Al Cardenas, Chris Chocola, and Ken Blackwell, are urging the nation’s governor’s to reject two provisions of Obamacare: Medicaid expansion and health-insurance exchanges.

Here’s an excerpt of the letter:

We, the undersigned . . . are asking you to do two things which, when taken together and if implemented by a majority of states, will help in the effort to repeal the current law and to enact, in its place, a law that will create a fairer and more responsible healthcare system for all Americans.

First, we ask you to opt out of the voluntary Medicaid Expansion section of the President’s healthcare Act. As of July 6, eleven states have made that decision or are leaning toward opting out, ten have opted in, and 26 states have made no decision.

Second, we ask you to elect not to establish a state health insurance exchange and let the federal government establish one instead. The impact will be to save your state a significant amount of money, ultimately giving the politicians in Washington a greater incentive to repeal the current law.


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