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Conservative Manifesto Published

If you’ve read my article on the British elections over on the homepage, you’ll probably be interested to know that the Conservatives have launched their election manifesto. It claims to be all about “Big Society, not Big State,” and then promptly talks about a Big Green State. Former MP Paul Goodman is correct to call it Californian in its tenor, and I mean that without disrespect to people like Tom McClintock. There’s actually much to admire in it, even if it just looks foolish when it talks about the environment.

Anyway, it’s here, and I must say I think they chose the right parts to highlight – an almost libertarian tone. And, as a colleague remarked, any party that regards a pub as an essential service has his vote.

(Talking of voting, if you’ve made it this far, why don’t you vote for my son in the Parents magazine competition? It’s more than anyone ever did for his Dad . . .)


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