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Usually it will be 8 A.M. before I get e-mails this depressing. Not so this season:

I reluctantly support the bill.  I’m not reluctant because I think it’s a bad idea.  I think it’s necessary.

I’m reluctant because only a fool would believe this is the final form of the bill.  The Dems have already tipped their hand.  They want their agenda attached to this program.  And they control Congress.  If Obama is elected, they will “tweak” the bill over time, inserting many of the provisions that were stripped out this weekend.

How?  The oversight committees will selectively leak carefully chosen “outrages” that make it appear that minorities and poor-credit individuals are being hardest hit.  They’ll rerun their 1980′s PR offensive about “red lining”.  Then they’ll promise to “fix” the problem and — voila! — ACORN-like groups will get their money.  And a newly Obama-appointed Treasury Secretary will be the main facilitator.

Depressing, but undeniable.


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