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Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform?

That story in The Hill on a piecemeal approach to amnesty referred to “pro-immigration advocates such as Robert Gittelson of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.” Gittelson, a garment manufacturer in southern California, is emblematic of the pro-amnesty liberals and libertarians masquerading as conservatives to try to provide political cover for the Left’s amnesty agenda. For instance, here’s what he wrote when Ted Kennedy died:

Senator Ted Kennedy was our most inspirational leader in this cause. His passion, booming voice, and larger than life presence had been sorely missed this year. Now that he has passed, we mourn his passage, but remain inspired by his words, deeds, and accomplishments.

I’m sorry, but no conservative, even one “for Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” could write those sentences. Gittelson refers to conservatives opposed to amnesty as “ultra right wing Republican cohorts.” He refers to himself as “a proud member” of something called the “Full Rights for Immigrants Coalition,” whose agenda includes socialized medicine and card-check, in addition to amnesty (see their Facebook page, and this flyer specifically). He’s also affiliated with the Fair Immigration Reform Movement, a project of the Center for Community Change, whose directors include the head of, representatives of the SEIU and the AFL-CIO, someone from the Needmor Fund (a major funder of ACORN), and others.

This is who they picked to be the spokesman for “Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform”?


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