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A Conspiracy to Dunces

Anybody see Nightline tonight? The show was about a “conspiracy” among neoconservative intellectuals at the Project for a New American Century, who have been pushing for a war with Iraq since 1997. Some of these “conspirators” are named Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz. The spin being put on this among hysterics in Europe, and which ABC was rather too eager to play up, is that these sneaky right-wingers have long been plotting American global domination, and now that they’re in power, are instituting their nefarious plans. “A blueprint for global domination,” as one European newspaper called it.

What rot. This group has been public about its geostrategic vision and objectives since its inception. There’s nothing secret about it. What are they guilty of? Having foreseen that America cannot live with the status quo in the Middle East. The Pearl Harbor on September 11 vindicated this view. And we’re supposed to think there’s something wrong with the fact that some Washington insiders have been thinking boldly and creatively — and openly — about this problem for years?


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