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Constitutional Crisis Called Off

A skeptical reader: “John—I can more easily see the day of

election-litigation looked back on like one does 19th-Century political

hanky-panky. 2000 was a fluke, the aftermath a one-shot deal. The Democratic

base might be energized by such nonsense but independents, who were probably

more bemused than anything four years ago, will grow weary and then angry.

As a native to a naturalized, trust me: Americans at large have no patience

for this kind of thing.”

Possibly so. But Americans at large seem so far to have displayed infinite

patience with a tort “industry” that is making a joke of the very concept of

responsibility, bleeding crucial sectors of the economy, distorting our

political processes, creating an entire class of cynical, discord-promoting

shakedown artists, and enriching some very unsavory and unproductive

characters beyond the dreams of avarice.

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