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Constitutional Crisis Looms in Britain

The first TV debate among the British party leaders did indeed prove to be a liability for Gordon Brown and David Cameron, as so many predicted.  The public decided they much preferred the guy who was attacking both of them, Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg.  The result has been a massive surge in Lib Dem support, with current polling figures putting the Conservatives at 33 percent, the Lib Dems at 30 percent and Labour at 28 percent. The ridiculous thing is that if these figures were reflected nationally in the election, Labour would be the largest party (Cons 245 seats, Labour 275, LDs 99).  That’s a recipe for a constitutional crisis and would put Brown in a very awkward spot — how could he give up his party’s inbuilt advantage?  Things just got a whole lot more interesting, and expect to see a lot less of David Cameron saying “I agree with Nick.”  He might as well have just said, “Don’t vote for me, vote for him.”  That’s the cost of squishiness, I suppose.

In other voting news, my son has slipped back to #50 in the Parents Magazine contest, so if you could vote for him today, that would be splendid. Vote early, vote often, vote Georgie!  (BTW, the link changes, so if you don’t see a picture of a mini me called Little Prince, that’s not him.)


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