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Content-Free Op-Ed

Rep. Connie Mack has an op-ed in today’s Post that would be at home in a high-school newspaper. He decries the Arizona law, but never says what he doesn’t like about it. He says the law “clearly challenges citizens’ freedoms” and compares it to the internment of Japanese Americans in WWII, without even the most minimal effort to back up those claims. (For a reality-based look at the law’s provisions, see Kris Kobach’s piece in the current issue of NR.)

The closest he comes to substance is the ending: “I do not want to live in a nation where American citizens are asked ‘Where are your papers?’” Has he never boarded a plane? Has he never bought Sudafed? At least most other critics of the bill on the right don’t just parrot the NY Times editorial page.


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