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The Content Of His Character

The Obama campaign’s desperate “felony” charge against Mitt Romney ought to serve as a wake-up call for the Romney campaign and for the American public regarding the utter amorality of the president and his functionaries. Although the jejune Boston Globe story was quickly debunked, that of course won’t stop them from pounding home the Big Lie that Romney continued to run Bain in 1999 while he was saving the Winter Olympics as long as it’s useful and “fits the narrative.” Here’s why:

  1. All’s fair in love and war — so what if the charge is untrue?

  2. No one will remember it next week anyway, least of all:

  3. The protective media, which will give Barry & Co. a pass. Because, hey, see points one and two above.

The larger issue is the willingness — indeed, the enthusiasm — of the administration to tactically lie at this point in the campaign, smear the opposition, and demand the release of more documents in effort to keep Romney on the defensive.

As Victor has pointed out, this is chutzpah on steroids coming from a man about whom we still know next to nothing. Except the content of his character, which grows increasingly clearer and more distressing day by day.

UPDATE: more here and here and here. And here.

UPDATE II: On NRO’s Media Blog, Greg Pollowitz makes a good point:

In response to yesterday’s Boston Globe story on SEC documents Mitt Romney signed at a time when he was not actively managing the company, Team Obama responded by insinuating that Mitt Romney might be a felon for these actions.

Both and The Washington Post disagree with the president, however.

Now, are there any experts on the drugs laws of Hawaii, California, and New York out there? Before I call the president a felon for his admitted drug use, I want to make sure I’m accurate.

Read all about the “Choom Gang” here

UPDATE III: James Pethokoukis weighs in

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