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The Contested Convention and All That

I’d be perfectly happy to see another candidate emerge, now or later. The Republican race so far has been a contest between the weakness of Romney and the weakness of his opponents. Romney looks incredibly vulnerable at the moment in Michigan and even in Arizona, but Santorum may be frittering away his opportunity — and so it goes. If Romney does lose Michigan or Michigan and Arizona, who would be the Republican savior? It would have to be someone who really wants to be president, has a taste for high political risk, and has very little to lose. The party doesn’t seem to have many people with those qualities, or the field would already have been bigger. As for a convention, let’s say Romney leads in delegates but is below 50 percent. Wouldn’t the likeliest outcome in that scenario simply be a Romney-Santorum ticket? To get another candidate, it seems you would need not just a contested convention but one that deadlocks with no way out.


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