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I have indeed been mighty vexed by the ploy, much practiced by open-borders folk, of pretending that anger about illegal immigration is anger about immigration. They are separate issues; the conflating of them is a low debating trick, and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if I have complained loudly (i.e. IN CAPITAL LETTERS) in exchanges with you on the Corner when you have pulled that trick.

However, your charge that I have faked anger about illegal immigration as a cover for what really irks me—viz. immigration— needs some supporting evidence. You got any?

Pretty much everything 500 words or longer that I have written, for print or the web, this past ten years, is archived on my old web site. The rest is in the Corner archives. Somewhere in there, according to you, should be me saying, or implying: “I’m fine with the current levels, and current structure (e.g. chain migration, anchor babies) of legal immigration. It’s only illegal immigration I mind.”

I can’t ever remember thinking that, so it’s not likely I wrote it. You’re the one with the photographic memory for our exchanges, though. Let’s see what you’ve got.


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