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Contra Prager – Another View

From a reader:

The fact that so many NRO readers embrace Prager’s argument that gay marriage poses the same threat to Amierca as Islamofascism is deeply depressing. I’m a straight guy who lives in the Bay Area and have numerous gay and lesbian friends who have gotten married at SF City Hall in the past few weeks and to a couple they are all embracing the institution, not trying to subvert it. Tim Graham’s arguments are simply unattatched to reality. Gay couples are having, adopting and raising children–giving them the same benefits and protections as married couples can only strengthen families. Nothing demonstrates how this issue unhinges people better than Graham’s assertion that straight kids might consider gay marriage an option for themselves if they’re taught about homosexuality in school. Does that ring true for your experience as a straight guy, Jonah? I truly believe, counter what Stanley Kurtz has been arguing, that gay marriage will strengthen the institution, not undermine it.


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