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More pap from another British lemming:

We need a binding legal framework to guarantee emission reductions, whichever party is in power…To be effective, any climate-change Bill will need to include these elements: rolling year-on-year emission targets; an independent body to set and monitor them; and an annual carbon budget report, with any new measures being subject to approval in Parliament…In the end, only a global solution will work. But if Messrs Blair and Brown are to achieve the moral authority required to tackle the greatest threat we face, they must start to show some true leadership at home. This is not just for the health of our environment and our economy, but for the health of the world itself. Mr Blair’s international musings have made the UK an eagerly watched test case.

Interestingly, the writer of those words is the Conservative Party’s environment spokesman. Just another reminder that Cameron’s Tories are not the answer. They are part of the problem.


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