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Coo Coo Ca-Choo Bishop Robinson

This is a dreadful event, a triumph for the forces of death over the forces of life. Robinson cheerfully acknowledges that he is an active homosexual. The Bible is perfectly clear that homosexual acts are sinful. Our Lord gave sinners strict and clear instructions: stop sinning, and repent your past sins. Robinson is in brazen violation of fundamental Christian doctrine. Nobody has to be a Christian; but if you are going to call yourself one, you should follow the rules. Further, Robinson abandoned two little girls in order to indulge his sexual urges. (His supporters are glossing this like crazy. They tell you–they are telling me–that his wife was entirely on board with it, and the whole family get together once a year and dance round a maypole together singing “Kumbaya,” or some damn thing. Well, if his wife was agreeable, she is as big a moral criminal as he is. Little girls need their Daddy around. If Robinson doesn’t know that, he is not fit for any position of responsibility, anywhere. If his wife didn’t fight tooth and nail against his abandonment, she is no Christian woman. What did Mrs Robinson say when the tots asked: “Mommy, why has Daddy gone away?” Millions of ordinary Americans struggle through worse crises every day, and come down at last on the side of social responsibility and Christian duty. Robinson came down on the side of Woody Allen: “The heart wants what it wants.” Feu!) That he could become a bishop in my church sickens and disgusts me. We can show tolerance and Christian obligation towards deviant minorities without handing them the keys to the house, can’t we? Apparently not, not today, not in America. For shame! For shame!


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