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Cool Before It Was

It seems I was part of the latest fashion trend before it became chic. (Ok, maybe it’s not on runways, exactly.) Nail pendants are selling out of Christian bookstores, according to the NY Post, inspired by the new Passion movie. When I was a high-school student at Dominican Academy in NYC, a good Dominican priest named Fr. Ken France-Kelly, gave us each a nail on Ash Wednesday and told us to keep it with us during Lent (at a minimum) to remind. Whenever anything becomes a trend, of course, it tends to become diluted, but there’s a good point to be made that crosses are just so familiar (and look way too pretty, in many cases), and do this little trend, like the movie, has some promise. (It’s Friday, ok? I can reminisce if I want. Excuse me while I find my letter sweater.)

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