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A grab bag of email from decidedly unimpressed readers:

Don’t appreciate the effort it takes to create a list, when said effort snubs the three coolest film-stars of all time:  John Wayne, Charlton Heston and Steve McQueen.  Ridiculous.


Jonah:Recognizing anyone pre-Elvis as cool is inherently uncool, with Sinatra and the Founding Fathers as the only exceptions.  Think:  Some guy talking about how cool Humphrey Bogart is?  Pretty lame.You are cool, as am I,



The problem with this list(beyond the obvious deal-breaker that Olberman is on it which places in doubt any other opinions by this guy- who’s he gonna’ name next-Les from WKRP in Cincinnati?) is that it contains a bunch of musicians (sorry, actually singers-there’s a difference)who were definitely not cool. To be cool don’t you have to be someone guys want to be like not just talented? Michael Jackson was never cool but his stuff was worth listening to for awhile. Prince was NEVER cool, even if you liked him. Those guys were wimps. You’re gonna’ put George Clooney and Brad Pitt in a lineup with Jackson and Prince and some guys are gonna’ choose NOT to be Clooney over the other two? I don’t think so.


Zero athletes? Joe Namath

Joe Dimaggio

Michael Jordan

Babe Ruth

Arnold Palmer

(I’m just throwing out names – not trying to fit them in a specific year and oust one of his candidates)

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