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Coping With Solomon

Students and faculty at a prominent law school are upset about the presence of JAG recruiters on campus. A friend (who is far from the knee-jerk-outrage type) there writes:

I had my first in-my-face liberal law school experience yesterday. I’ve experienced the liberal professors in class, the liberal students etc., but I was fit to be tied when I saw signs posted around school yesterday explaining to the students why JAG recruiters would be allowed on campus. The signs were meant to redirect the obvious indignation and shock we would feel from seeing a uniform-clad member of the armed forces in the very building where we are busily expanding our minds away from the school administration and towards…whom? The sign actually says that “recently enacted federal legislation known as the Solomon Amendments” were to blame….I guess everyone was too flustered with the emotional turmoil they felt seeing these warriors invade campus to take a moment and celebrate progress–the Army JAG recruiter dressed in Class A’s whom I was chatting with on the way to class yesterday was pushing a baby carriage!


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