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Corker Makes Case for START

Sen. Bob Corker (R., Tenn.), speaking on the Senate floor today, gave a spirited defense of the New START treaty and the negotiations leading up to its (now all but inevitable) ratification. “I think we have enhanced our national security just by having these debates,” he said, adding that Republicans have been “very successful” in securing commitments from Democrats and the White House to address concerns over weapon modernization and missile defense.

Corker, who at one point referred to himself as Sen. Jon Kyl’s “wingman,” lauded the accompanying resolution of ratification — the Corker/Lugar resolution — for being drafted with “tremendous input” from Republicans.

After giving the entire treaty “due diligence” and devoting “incredible amounts of time” on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Corker said he fully supported ratification. “I firmly believe that signing this treaty . . . is in our country national interest,” he said. “This treaty stands on its merits, and its prompt ratifications will strengthen U.S. security.”

“The question becomes to me, and for all of us who care so deeply about our country’s national security … ‘Will we say yes to yes?’” Corker said.

Looks like we’re about to do just that, whether we like it or not.

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