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Corner Congrats!

My (and NR’s) dear friends Kate Dwyer and Vic Matus got hitched tonight in a classic (and I mean old-times classic) Washington, D.C. wedding. Georgetown grads both, they were married in the Georgetown chapel. From there, a trolley ride to the Hays Adams rooftop (George Schultz held the door for me as I went into the hotel, just in case you forgot were you were), where drinks overlooked the front door of the White House. You don’t get more Beltway than that. Dinner at the Chamber of Commerce with the famous Eric Felten band. A good night with good people. Kate was once an NR editorial associate—before becoming press secretary to young, bright Congressman Paul Ryan (Mrs. Matus and I go back even more, though, to time at the Heritage Foundation). Vic works at that other magazine. Our best wishes to the radiant couple—one of those matches you can’t help but be swept up in!


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