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A worthwhile-sounding lunch conference in D.C. today (I’m a huge Ethics and Public Policy Center fan):

April 20th, from noon to 2pm, the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington will host a discussion of proliferation Issues and weapons of mass destruction in the wake of the Iraq war, featuring Three of the nation’s leading experts on weapons proliferation: Henry Sokolski Of the Nonproliferation Policy Education Center, George Perkovich of the Carnegie Endowment, and Tom Cochran of the Nuclear Policy program at the Natural Resources Defense Council. They’ll talk and debate about what Recent revelations about the A.Q. Khan network have taught us regarding the channels of proliferation; what Libya’s recent conversion on the weapons question (and revelations of its substantial weapons programs) mean; what current thinking is regarding Iraq’s pre-war weapons programs; and how the Bush doctrine now looks, a year after the Iraq war began. The event is open to the public, and food and drinks will be available. You can get more information, and RSVP, here.


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