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Corner Exit Polls — Allen Wins!

Hi Kathryn,

My husband and I voted this morning when the polls opened at 6AM. We are in York County, Virginia (1st District, Bethel precinct) which leans conservative and always turns out the highest percentage of voters in the state. Today was no exception. We have voted on very off years where you can walk in and walk out. In 2004, there were huge lines and we had to park across the street! That was unusual. This year the turn out is heavy and parking was starting to get tight and mind you this is at 6 in the morning. Also, just an FYI, we are expecting rain this afternoon on into the evening. When the rain comes to this area (Hampton Roads, Virginia) voter turnout goes down – amongst democrats. It stays level or higher amongst republicans.

FWIW, we voted for George Allen and Jo Anne Davis. We also voted against the marriage amendment because we do not feel that it is an issue that should be covered by the constitution. I am not for or against gay marriage, definitely ambivalent, but I am adamantly against government intrusion and legislating in personal issues

Also, I just have to chime in on the funniest movies. I think some classics are being overlooked. FWIW:  Some LIke it Hot, The Nutty Professor, Arsenic and Old Lace, and Bringing Up Baby to name just a few.

Thanks for the great dialog and learning I experience EVERY day on The Corner. I have been with you since the 2004 election. The Corner is a habit I will never break.

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