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So, I’ve heard from an SBC

muckety-muck who very kindly has offered to take my problem under his wing

and fix it — for which I’m grateful, for sure. Yet I’ve also been deluged

by e-mails like this one:

I couldn’t believe it when I read about your problems with SBC! My

husband, who runs a non-profit consulting business for churchs, moved his

office to a building in southwest Houston, and set up his phone service with

SBC, which was to include internet service. He spent 4 MONTHS trying to get

the internet!! He talked with a different person each of the times he

called, and would reference the previous person he spoke with. There were

many calls, not once did one person he talked to know any of the previous

ones. It has been unbelievable how inept, disorganized, unproductive, and so

lacking in customer service they have been!!!

To be fair, I’ve gotten three e-mails from readers who say they’ve had

nothing but excellent DSL service with SBC — but these folks are

outnumbered 10-to-1 in my e-mail. I’m thankful that somebody high up in the

company saw my complaint on The Corner and wrote so quickly to promise to

take care of it (I got his e-mail something like 10 minutes after I posted),

but I do feel sorry for those folks, including our readers, who are having

the same problems, but who don’t have access to a forum like The Corner to

voice their complaints. Several readers have also said that I should do as

they did, and go with a cable modem. Can’t do it; too expensive.


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