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Y’all remember a while back I posted a

notice in The Corner asking for conservative journalists interested in

working as a metro columnist for a large daily newspaper to send me their

contact info, and I’d forward them on to the right people at this unnamed

newspaper? Well, just this week, I received the following message from David Harsanyi, the

new conservative metro columnist for the Denver Post:

I just wanted to thank you for forwarding my resume to the Denver Post a

couple of months ago. From the e-mail address, you might have guessed that I

got the job. It’s a great opportunity and a great city. I really appreciate

your help. It also illustrates the effectiveness of The Corner as a job

board for conservatives.”

Look for David’s columns at

starting on Monday. Hey you Colorado conservatives, once David’s work

appears, be sure to write to the Post and thank them for recognizing the

diversity of their readership by hiring a conservative. Newspaper editors

hear from conservatives all the time when they do something wrong. It’s all

the more important that conservatives let editors know when they do

something right. So to speak.

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