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Another e-mailer:

It is 2:30 pm here on the west coast. I watched the last 1/2 hour of Meet the Press earlier this morning. I just now turned the computer on to read what your impressions were. I have to put myself in the camp of the “were we watching the same interview?” – I thought he did just fine! No, he didn’t hit every pitch out of the ballpark but I don’t know a politician who does. Bush doesn’t sound rehearsed. I never heard a stammer (at least in the 1/2 that I saw) and he seems genuinely energized by the issues brought up by Russert, particularly, the war on terror (no surprise there). I can’t imagine spending four years listening to John Kerry’s sonorous cadences …

Contrast that with a moment I caught of Wesley Clark on CNN – he said (discussing Saddam) “We picked a guy, made him into a villain, had him contained, and then went to take him out” or some such. Yeah, right, I forgot. WE made Saddam Hussein a villain.

Here’e the Clark, btw.


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