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The most obvious, easiest, solid-base-hit, no-interest-group-left-behind

consensus choice for Kerry’s running mate is John Edwards. So naturally, he

won’t do it. One, Kerry really bristled at Edwards’ mildest criticisms

during the primary, and two, I’m sure Kerry and his advisors dread the

inevitable “boy, Edwards is so much more charming and charismatic than the

guy at the top of the ticket” coverage that would ensue. So, the second-most

obvious, easy, solid-base-hit, no-interest-group-left-behind consensus

choice would be Dick Gephardt, who would offend no one, is a known quantity,

seems somewhat prepared for the job, and could theoretically help the

Democrats carry Missouri. (Whether a House member can really carry a ticket

statewide from the veep slot is up in the air.) All the other ones –

Richardson, Clark, Graham, Vilsack, Rendell, Warner, etc. seem like they

have too much of a trade-off. So, as of May 3, Kerry-Gephardt seems most



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