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Cosmo & Buckley

We have a new regime around here. My sister-in-law has to go into the office everyday now so we take care of Buckley, Cosmo’s young apprentice, in the afternoons. They wrestle, bite, run, chase, bark, giggle, tug-o-war etc for hours. Buckley is a very smart boy but he needs to be trained on a few finer points, including how to walk on a leash and not leave a Frenchman’s puddle when startled. But they really seem to be getting along very nicely. I think Buckley will make an excellent comrade in the never-ending war against tyrrany, oppression and squirrels who don’t know their place. Anyway, there’ve been lots of requests for pictures. So…

Here’s a pic of him teaching Buckley how to play with a tennis ball.

And here’s a pic of Cosmo awaiting instructions before crossing the street.


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