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Cosmopolitan: All Women Think Guns Are Icky and Bad

I shouldn’t be surprised that Cosmopolitan, a magazine devoted to exploiting women as sex objects, now has a video taking its sexism to a new level.

In the new video “Couples Talk about Gun Ownership,” women are shown discussing guns and gun-control issues with their significant others.

Within seconds, the viewer is aware that Cosmopolitan believes women think guns are scary “death machines,” men that own guns are probably domestic abusers, and the Second Amendment is worthy of nothing more than an eye roll.

Women could never be proud gun owners — or at least you wouldn’t know it from this vapid, ridiculous charade of a video. (Don’t anyone tell Cosmo that female gun ownership has been the rise for years!)

Ominous music opens the first scene, followed by a perky blonde named Maggie asking her boyfriend, “The guns that you shoot, are those . . . registered?”

He assures her that yes, they are, but she’s clearly unsatisfied by this answer.

All the guys in this video register slightly guilty looks on their faces while clearly backed into a defensive posture — portrayed as buffoons who just don’t understand why guns are “bad.”

One man, inexplicably, asks his girlfriend if she is worried things could get “out of hand” when they have arguments.

So, are we to believe a man is more likely to be an abusive partner because he owns a gun? What a moronic message. If someone is abusive, it’s not because they own a gun.

Another woman downplays the importance of freedom, saying, “As a non-American, Americans are used to the culture of like, freedom of speech . . . ” She gestures as if to say, “That’s a little embarrassing, now, isn’t it?

Her boyfriend quickly quips, “Well, it’s written into the Constitution.”

But it’s clear these women don’t care so much for what the Constitution has to say about it — or for their boyfriends’ reasoning for owning a gun in the first place. Nor do they consider taking a firearms-safety class and learning how to use this “thing” they find so scary and dangerous.

In fact, when Maggie’s boyfriend asks her at the end of the video to learn how to shoot so she’s not so scared of guns, she explicitly refuses. She also tells him she doesn’t want any guns in the house when she has children. No room for argument, case closed. Guns are bad, you are wrong.

The women have no appreciation for the fact that a gun might save their life — or for the freedoms we have as Americans to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

The video ends with Maggie and her boyfriend staring at each other in frustration — and without any facts or real, substantive points having been made about guns.

So congratulations, Cosmopolitan — you’ve completely stereotyped women on the issue of guns — and maybe broken up a relationship that was destined to end anyway.


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