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Cotton Leads in New Primary Poll

Arkansas’s fourth congressional district has long been Blue Dog turf, but with incumbent congressman Mike Ross’s retirement, Republicans think they can pick up the seat. For months, the GOP primary had been a vigorous contest between the 2010 Republican candidate, Beth Ann Rankin, and newcomer Tom Cotton. (I wrote a profile of Cotton last October.) Now, however, it looks as if Cotton is pulling away from the competition:

After a previous poll three weeks ago showed a dead-heat, Fourth District GOP Congressional candidate Tom Cotton appears to have opened a lead over rival Beth Anne Rankin.

The latest Talk Business-Hendrix College survey of Fourth District Republican primary voters shows Cotton emerging as the frontrunner in the Congressional race. The latest poll was conducted on Thursday, May 10, 2012.

51%     Tom Cotton

6%      John Cowart

33%    Beth Anne Rankin

10%    Don’t know

The poll asked voters if they had already participated in the Republican primary and, if they did, respondents were asked to name the candidate for whom they voted. Additional poll participants included frequent GOP primary voters who said they intended to vote in this year’s primary.

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