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Cotton on SOTU Iran Comments: ‘Naive and Delusional’

Representative Tom Cotton, an Arkansas Republican challenging Senator Mark Pryor, wasn’t impressed with the president’s promise to veto an Iran sanctions bill in the Senate. His take on the president’s comments? “Naive and delusional.”

“He is deluding himself if he thinks that we’ve made any progress with Iran over the last two months,” the congressman tells NRO.

“Iran has done very little that is concrete and certainly nothing that’s not immediately reversible,” he continues, adding that he hasn’t seen anything beneficial on the Iran front lately.

“If I can quote the president back to him, let me be clear,” he says. “If the Senate will allow a vote on a sanctions bill and he vetoes it, then we will override his veto.”

Supporters of the sanctions legislation say they have a veto-proof majority of the Senate, but the president has been adamant in his opposition to the move and tonight reiterated his veto threat.

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